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When it comes to successful fundraising,
the Worthy Way is the Only Way

"Every Chair’s dream is a fundraiser who comes with a plan and takes responsibility for delivering it. Alan Moore did exactly that. He always does. It’s a rare thing."

Dame Elizabeth Forgan
Chair, Bristol Old Vic
Former Chair, Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Fund

“Alan advised the New Vic Theatre on fundraising following our successful Arts Council England Catalyst bid.  His intervention enabled us to gain two significant grants to support a capital project and future organisational development.  It also helped us see the value of strategic fundraising and encouraged us to invest in fundraising for the future”. 

Fiona Wallace
Managing Director
New Vic Theatre

"Alan Moore combines unparalleled insight into the philanthropic market with a natural storyteller’s gift which enables him to take the right cause to the right person, and turn a fundraising need into a rewarding giving opportunity."

Tom Morris OBE
Artistic Director
The Bristol Old Vic

"At the time, appointing an external fundraiser felt like a risk, but appointing Worthy proved to be a sound investment. Alan Moore's strength is his ability to question assumptions, come up with a simple plan and to implement it to his clients' advantage. In our case the creation of Core40 tripled our individual giving annual revenue funding and he also secured core revenue multi-year trust funding. He is not afraid to “make the ask” and that is exactly what we needed at the time."

Gijs Elsen
Chief Executive
The English Concert

About Us

Welcome to Worthy FR,
home of the Worthy Way of Fundraising.

When it comes to charity fundraising there is the
Other Way and there is the Worthy Way. The former as practised by the vast majority of fundraising consultants sees them acting not as fundraisers themselves, rather, as advisers whose task is to tell you, the client, how with their expensive advice, you might raise the money. In contrast, go with the Worthy Way and we here at Worthy FR will take full responsibility for raising the required funding and the delivery of your campaign through to completion.

In short, unlike the vast majority of ‘fundraising consultants’, we actually raise money. Working with our clients we both conceive and deliver the campaign. We make the calls, we write the applications, we make the High Net Worth asks both here and abroad, we prepare the prospectuses for corporate sponsorship and we deliver. This is not to say our clients have no involvement, they do, but it is our responsibility to raise the money, not theirs.

Which is why, when it comes to taking on clients we are very selective: if we don’t believe in the project or that we can deliver the funding, we don’t do it.

In other words, before we sell it, we have to buy it.

And once committed, ‘Failure is not an option’.

Which is why for our increasing list of satisfied clients,
the Worthy Way is the Only Way.

And why the majority of our clients come to us by word of mouth.

So forget the
Other Way - the expensive fees, the glossy reports with the meaningless bar charts, the fresh faced consultants, many of whom have never made an ask in their lives – forget all that and the sinking feeling you get when you realise that expensive fees and a glossy report is all very well but at the end of the day, it’s still down to you to raise the money – forget all that, and if you like what you see here on our website, then for all your fundraising needs, take the first step on the Worthy Way and contact us today for a no obligation initial discussion…

Our work is respected by the Arts Council, HLF and other public agencies, by the grant-making trusts, and of course, by our clients. Why not find out why?

What We Do

First and foremost, we raise money.

Whether it is a multi-million pound capital campaign, annual core-funding, project funding, or legacy funding you are interested in, our aim is not to suggest how you, the client, might do it. Rather, working with you, firstly to create a compelling campaign and secondly to write the applications, to make the asks, to seek out the sponsors, to make the calls, our aim is to deliver the target funds.

And that’s it.

We are fundraisers and that’s what we do – we raise money. Whatever your needs we know where to go, we know who to ask, and critically, we know how to ask.

What we do not do is engage in all the ‘soft’ add-ons, so beloved of fundraising consultants: interim management, consulting and mentoring, business planning, marketing and communications planning, training, recruitment etc. Yes, there’s money in it, but for the consultants, not the client. And that’s not for us.

Money in the bank. Our client’s bank. That’s what we are about.

Fundraising in the USA

A lot of people talk about this, about how much easier it is, and they’re right – yes, but very few have any experience of actually doing it, nor know how to do it.

We do.

And if we believe your needs will attract support in the US, we won’t be slow in talking to our US based donors, people whose wealth combined with a long-term dedication to philanthropic giving, means that they really can – and do - make all the difference.

Our Clients

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Case Study

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For a detailed account of our work in the redevelopment of The Bristol Old Vic please click here.

Our People

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Alan Moore

Simon Cook MBE

Following a successful business career, Alan’s first involvement in fundraising was while attending Oxford University in his 40s and being asked by his college Principal if he could help with a multi-million pound capital campaign. A £5 million high net worth donation resulted in a successful campaign. This experience was supplemented some years later when he was asked by Somerville College to advise in respect of their multi-million pound fundraising plans following the death of alumnus, Margaret Thatcher. Subsequently he became a non-executive Director of Bristol based, Buffalo Fundraising Consultants, the UK’s leading telephone fundraising consultants. Following the sale of Buffalo to a US subsidiary of private equity gurus, Summit Partners, Alan set up Worthy FR.
Focussing initially on the Arts sector – theatres, orchestras, festivals, galleries and concert venues – Worthy FR quickly established a blue chip client list and a well-deserved word of mouth reputation for delivering successful and highly cost effective campaigns.
A former Guardian columnist, Alan’s outside interests include writing (shortlisted for UK and Irish literary prizes); fishing for marlin and salmon around the world; working with the National Trust on the restoration of old houses; walking and reading. He has just stepped down as Chair of At-Bristol science centre, an education charity whose inter-active centre and planetarium attracts 300,000 visitors a year.

He lives on Exmoor with his 4 year old son, George.

Educated at Norwich School and the University of Sussex, Simon worked briefly in business before training as an actor at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He spent twenty years working in theatre, film and television, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, and Bristol Old Vic, before being elected to Bristol City Council, where he served as Lord Mayor of Bristol, Deputy Leader and Leader of the Council, supervising the M Shed and Colston Hall foyer projects. He served on the Regional Council of Arts Council, England and the University of Bristol Council. Simon was awarded an MBE for services to culture in 2016 and made an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of Bristol in 2017.

He now works as a freelance consultant.

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